Wynberg's top achievers in Grade 11 and 12 came together for a dinner that will not be forgotten.

Wynberg is a school full of traditions. One such tradition is the Achievers' Dinner which is held annually to honour the achievements of Grade 11 and 12 achievers from all four pillars of the school. Those who have represented the country, their province or have lead or captained their clubs, societies or teams are amongst those invited. It is a chance for us to dress up, be together to share a meal, be inspired and honour those girls who bring honour Wynberg Girls' High School.

This year's dinner was held on the 6 October in the Aileen Currie Hall. When we arrived at the entrance we were welcomed by Ms Palmer and given a fruit juice as we entered a magnificent and transformed hall. We were hard pressed to believe that this was the same venue that we had held assembly in just the previous day! Ms Edwards and Tracy-Lee Johnson were we believe the two responsible for the transformation: truely we could have been in any international hotel! Chairs were covered, the ceiling was lowered, visual stimulants of light, colour shadow and texture provided by the candles and special lighting and table decorations. Clearly, these two were responsible for tranforming our experience of the evening from the normal to something that made us feel like stars.

The evening was enjoyed throughly by all who attended, staff and learner alike, and we were treated to an address by Siyoli Lusaseni, a top South African squash player who was part of a recent world delegation trying to get the sport included in the 2016 Olympics. She told us that there are many steps to sucess and we should never stop trying. As Wynberg is a traditional school in a modern world, our traditions need to keep evolving with us. In honour of our 125th Anniversary, our Old Girls' Union generously introduced a new tradition to include at the Achievers' Dinner. They donated four beautiful trophies to the school to hnour those who have achieved in the four pillars of the school. Worked out on the basis of a point system, based on all of the experiences of all achievers, all are considered as potential recipients. Leadership of teams/clubs and societies, awards, colours, representation of the country, the province and the school are amongst the experiences ranked.  Based on the highest achievers in 2009, The Wynberg Old Girls' Union 125th Anniversary Trophies for Academics, Sport, Service and Culture were revealed at the dinner and awarded for the first time by Mrs Harding. In each of the categories, there were three nominees, but the worthy recipients of these awards for this year are:

Academic - Therasa Rubler
Sport - Nicole Comninellis
Service - Rehana Odendaal
Culture - Amy Campbell

We congratulate each of them on this very fine achievement.

Achievers  Dinner 2009 22
Achievers  Dinner 2009 21
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