Congratulations to all Admaths learners, especially the Grade 9 and 11 learners, and their teachers.

"Our Admaths learners wrote their final exams for the year earlier this week. It has been a successful year and particular mention needs to be made of our Grade 9 and 11 learners on their excellent work in Term 3.

The Grade 9 class, taught by Mrs Nel, ranked first in the country in the Formal Test 2 with an average of 85,6% and have also been congratulated on improving the most (+9,0%) from the June exam to the Formal Test. The Grade 11 class, taught by Miss Vrancken, made us proud by making it into the Top 3 in the country for improvement from the June exam to the Formal test. Their class average improved by 7,1%.

We look forward to the success that next year will bring. If anyone is interested in joining the Admaths program, please contact Mrs Nel for more information."