For weeks, the Grade Elevens have been on tenterhooks as they waited for the announcement of Leaders in 2016. That day finally arrived on 27 August.

For weeks, the Grade Elevens have been on tenterhooks as they waited for the announcement of Leaders in 2016 having survived the decisions of whether or not to put themselves forward for any position, and then which position and then the job applications, interviews and speeches... but when they received letters on the 26 August - indicating simply that they had been or had not been appointed to a position - and when Assembly was moved to the end of the day, the excitement and anticipation during the day was tangible!

As Mrs Harding mentioned on this occasion, opportunities for leadership abound at the school. Apart from those who sit on the School Council, and the democratically elected RCL, and the leaders in our Hostel, there are opportunities to captain Sports teams, lead or chair Clubs, Societies and Committees and there are a number of Matric Committees. We congratulate the following girls who have been appointed to the following positions and wish them well in their term of office.

Lara Harris ~ Head of School

Meg Anderton ~ Head of Academics
Tyralee Nel ~ Head of Culture
Huda Ely ~ Head of Service
Dana Arries ~ Head of Sport
Rebekah Nathan ~ Head of Communications
Faith Abrahams ~ Head of Hostel

Joelle Behoor ~ Head of Apsley House
Zolisa Kapa ~ Matric Leader
Jade Bailey ~ Matric Leader
Joanne Currie ~ Matric Leader
Dominique Theron ~ Matric Leader

Thandeka Chakanyuka ~ Head of Cavanagh House
Bathandile Dinga ~ Matric Leader
Zoe Prins ~ Matric Leader
Kirstie Schwerdtfeger ~ Matric Leader
Kirstie Ludski ~ Matric Leader

Jamie Southgate ~ Head of Constantia House
Zoe Koff ~ Matric Leader
Flora Bottoman ~ Matric Leader
Danielle Martin ~ Matric Leader
Teresa Herbert ~ Matric Leader

Jenna Howes ~ Head of Copenhagen House
Vuya Puzi ~ Matric Leader
Gabriella Liversage ~ Matric Leader
Asanda Masoka ~ Matric Leader
Sasha Sivertsen ~ Matric Leader

Daniela Alves ~ Head of Kirsten House
Khanyisile Matabata ~ Matric Leader
Imaan Mothupi ~ Matric Leader
Leigh Botha ~ Matric Leader
Nicole Chineka ~ Matric Leader

Tasha Ainsworth ~ Head of Silverlea House
Mercedes Phillips ~ Matric Leader
Sarah McDonald ~ Matric Leader
Megan Mulholland ~ Matric Leader
Kenda Jacobs ~ Matric Leader

Erin Slater ~ Head of Waterloo House
Razaana Manuel ~ Matric Leader
Kagiso Jantjies ~ Matric Leader
Kiara Moodley ~ Matric Leader
Natasha Mauye ~ Matric Leader

Casey Valentine ~ Head of Wellesley House
Charissa Page ~ Matric Leader
Bianca Venter ~ Matric Leader
Tayla Fourie ~ Matric Leader
Jessica Lourens ~ Matric Leader

Hostel Leaders 2016

Faith Abrahams ~ Head of Hostel
Zolisa Kapa ~ Deputy Head
Jesse Kleintjies ~ Deputy Head

Bathandile Dinga ~ Termly Leader
Bongi Tunce ~ Leader of Events
Flora Bottoman ~ Deputy Leader of Events
Khanyisile Matabata ~ Leader Marketing and Media

RCL 2015 / 2016

Grade 8
Kayla Barnes ~ Secretary
Erin Harris
Agape Thamar

Grade 9
Jade De Villiers
Jenna Grey
Chelsea Van Heerden

Grade 10
Stacey Goliath
Chloë Johnson ~ Governing Body Rep
Hongju Nam

Grade 11
Zolisa Kapa ~ Chairperson
Asanda Masoka ~ Vice Chairperson
Erin Slater ~ Governing Body Rep

2016 Leaders Announced
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