Green, growing and glowing: Apsley’s 2020 so far!

After a fantastic ending to 2019 with our end-of-year sports day, as a house we’ve worked incredibly hard to continue growing this determined house. Our Apsley leaders kicked off the year by welcoming our new Grade 8s, who have brought such infectious energy and passion along with them. With the revealing of houses with powder paint, the afternoon of war-cry cheers, time spent getting to know one another in tutor groups and lastly, a roaring pool party, our new Apsley members had an exciting start to their orientation week.

One of Apsley’s biggest improvements thus far, has been in our weekly sandwich numbers which have tripled since last year! The energy and dedication our learners have brought in making this an enjoyable and serving place on Thursday mornings has been amazing to watch. A special mention of thanks goes to Tanyaradzwa Chirova for organizing our much appreciated sandwich sponsor. The Apsley learners also spent the last few afternoons of Term 1 making cards of encouragement, an idea we carried over from 2019. With only two house challenges taking place in the first term, we are exceptionally proud of those who participated with such enthusiasm, landing us in third place for Copenhagen and Silverlea’s “General Knowledge” Quiz. We’re super-excited to see what is in store for the rest of this year!

As the leaders of Apsley, we are so incredibly proud of what we have achieved as a house; the energy, passion and unity we have been able to witness reminds us everyday what being a part of Apsley means. In the words of Quanita Banoo (Grade 9): “When I think of Apsley, I think of a family united. We are strong, powerful and complete women that support each other. Apsley is the type of house who laughs with each other and not at each other. We accept and appreciate everyone for their differences and together we strive for excellence. All the girls’ individuality makes Apsley a strong house that only wants the best and have fun as we strive towards our set goals, together. So, my thoughts on Apsley is.... a family,” and Margarita Charitou (Grade 11): “To me, Apsley is my shelter where I know anyone in the house can always put a smile on my face. It is a place where precious memories are made and fun is never missing.”

We’ve watched the learners in Apsley go from strength to strength in all areas of our school including the wonderful sportsmanship and support of each other at sports and cultural events as well as many other aspects. Mia Grace, Isabella Kindo and Bhavika Parbhoo did an excellent job of collecting the top number of Merits in our house with so many of our learners placing in the top 50 academically in their grade. Special mention go to Ameera Parker, Jada Mcleod, Isabella Kindo, Pollyanne Carlos, Margarita Charitou and Nura Fakir, who all placed in the top ten this term.

That said, we applaud all those in Apsley for the hard work they have put into everything they have done over this past term. The contributions that each student brings to our house, make us the team that we are!

2020 Apsley Head and Matric Leaders