We all grew up with our own favourite toy or 'blankie'; but for the children of Tenterden Place of Safety, this is unheard of.

As part of our community outreach, Wellesley has visited Tenterden quite a few times already this year. It is these visits that inspired one Welleslian in particular to get some blankets for the children.

Amber Williams, a Grade 11 learner, has developed a close bond with the children at Tenterden and came to me for help at the start of the second term to ask for advice. We put a plan together and decided to contact various retail chains to see if we could not get some blankets sponsored. It was the wonderful marketing department of Pick 'n Pay's clothing division that came through for us and delivered 40 gorgeous yellow and green fleece blankets for the children.

Beryl and Jason, two of the care-workers at Tenterden attended our final assembly on 22 June and Amber was able to hand over this wonderful gift. They were thrilled with the blankets and the continued involvement not only of Wellesley, but Wynberg Girls' in general.

Each child at Tenterden will receive his or her very own marked 'blankie' that they will be able to keep even when they leave  to return to their own homes or when are placed in foster care.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors and to the continued work of all the Wellesley girls in making a difference in these children's lives.