Do not under-estimate the ability of a woman

Wynberg Girls' High School is an annual contender in the South African Institute of Civil Engineering Bridge Building Competition.

This year, Wynberg arrived with a strong team, a strong plan and a strong sense of spirit. We were greeted by a sea of boys; there were but a handful of girls participating. Nevertheless, we did not feel in the least bit intimidated. Wynberg's team consisted of Kiara Ramklass [Captain], Saskia Schroeder and Kgori Mokgatle.

After a brief presentation by the adjudicator, we begun the FIVE AND A HALF hour  bridge building contest.

We spent hours measuring angles, sawing wood, glueing joints, glueing our fingers to joints, cutting splints and sanding wood.

It was tough. It was intricate. It was straining. It was exciting.

We were very proud of the end product--it looked strong and professional. The judges placed us in the 'top category' for the weighing of our bridge--this meant we were placed with the bridges which the judges thought showed good workmanship and were strong contenders.

The destruction of our bridge was probably the most fun and the most disappointing part of the evening--one small glueing mishap resulted in the fatality of our bridge--it buckled after thirty kilograms.

Nevertheless, it was an invaluable experience-- we all learnt great skills and aquired a great sense of civil engineering experience.

Kiara Ramklass

Bridge Building 9
Bridge Building 6
Bridge Building 5
Bridge Building 4
Bridge Building 3
Bridge Building 2
Bridge Building 1
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