An hour spent laughing, chatting, doing makeovers and playing some heated UNO matches was an hour well spent - to say the least

Despite demanding study schedules, Cavanagh girls used their study break to give back to our community. This Saturday, on 3 November 2018, we re-visited Maitland Cottage Children’s Orthopaedic Home in Newlands, where girls engaged in conversations and games with the girls.

Conversations centred on hearing the children’s stories and sharing some of our own life lessons. Games that were played (such as UNO) were used as educational tools, where we revised colour names and basic addition. The most loved of all activities are, of course, the makeover sessions. Here, Maitland Cottage girls from all age groups let their creative juices flow whilst decorating their canvases - our faces. Lipstick is often used as a form of eyeshadow and bright green blush is usually mistaken for hair powder. The results are quite astonishing!

During the visit, Cavanagh girls discussed how rewarding serving Maitland is in the sense that we each are given the opportunity to care for the girls moving them from bed to bed, or even helping them eat a snack. It’s always a humbling experience seeing how appreciative each and every one of the patients are regardless of their difficult situations. For Cavanagh to add to their joy is only a pleasure and it’s these smiles that keep us coming back.

Study break - Cavanagh
Study Break - Cavanagh