On the 28 October, 25 girls from Cavanagh enjoyed some quality time with the girls at Maitland Cottage.

Maitland Cottage is a children’s orthopaedic hospital that is a part of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital family.

In preparation of our visit to the home, Cavanagh put their all into thinking about ways in which they could make the girls feel special. During the week before the 28th, we collected multiple bags of toys, clothes and toiletries to donate to the home. On the Friday before, the girls got together to make cards, posters and colourful decorations for the ward.

Apart from spending time chatting, reading and playing games, we thought that the girls might enjoy having manicures and their makeup done, and were delighted when this was reciprocated. We certainly left much more colourful than when we arrived, and as can be seen from our faces, very very happy!

We then pulled out the real treat! Marie biscuits with a choice of icing and sprinkles. Each girl got to choose their icing colour and how they wanted to decorate it. We munched on the treats until it was time to say our goodbyes. We were sad to leave but we have plans to go back, and we hope to build a relationship with the home.