What a term this has been for Cavanagh! We have definitely come together in the best way and created a warm environment where girls can come together and serve the house as well as each other.

This environment made it easier for our new arrivals (the grade 8’s) to make Cavanagh as part of their Wynberg identity. Seeing them actively involve themselves in challenges and tutor group games has truly been heartwarming to witness.

In fact, two grade 8 girls -Lithitha Lobese and Usisiphokazi Manxoyi- were so invested in the Silverlea and Apsley dance challenge that they stayed up till late hours of the night at hostel rehearsing. This was not expected of them, but they did so anyway. In similar ways, other Cavanagh girls have brought the exact same “gees” and attitude to the table. Sandwich making has been so well supported that we often end early. We have large groups of girls visiting Maitland Cottage Home (our service initiative), tutor group time has become a time of chatting, Heads Up Charades and dancing, and we’re often the house that brings the loudest cheers to interschool's events. It’s pleasing to know that it’s not only matrics leading the house in cheers, but also Grade 10s and 11s.

We have many areas to still improve, though. As a head of house, and while winning is not all, it is immensely satisfying! Along with the help of Cavanagh Matric leaders (Ashleigh Wyngaard, Haanim Samaai, Jenna Roman and Kudzai Hove) and the guidance of our house co-ordinator (Ms. Van Wyk) I aim to make this our goal.

Overall, I am so proud of Cavanagh for making an effort to become a family in a way that’s not superficial. I can see the difference by the smiles exchanged in house assemblies and the way girls from all tutor groups greet and encourage one another. In this way, Cavanagh is blooming into a beautiful house! Let’s keep it up, girls.

Alex Nicholson