Memories of girls and staff are put to the test in the Academic Committee's House Challenge as the school celebrates Pi Day 

In celebration of Pi day on 14 March, the Academic Committee hosted the Pi recital challenge on Tuesday. It was held in the Honours Quad, with both a learner and teacher representative for each house. Contestants had to recite as many digits of Pi that they could remember, with only seven seconds hesitation allowed in between the citing of any number. Any incorrect number recited resulted in the contestant being eliminated. 

The clear winner of the competition was Constantia with both the top learner and top teacher in their house. With Ms Kim as their teacher representative, they had the top teacher who could recite a grand total of 73 digits, while still entertaining the crowd. Their student representative, Aashiqah Regal, a matric student, was able to recite the most digits of Pi for the day, reciting a whopping total of 120 digits of Pi. 

All in all the event was a success, and it has proven that no challenge is too great for the women of Wynberg.

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