There was a celebration of excellence today as our top achievers in the 2018 NSC exam returned to the school to receive the school’s commendation and to distribute Honours and Achievers’ badges to the 2018 achievers in Grades 8-11.

In the first formal academic assembly today, Mr Burrell welcomed the top achievers in the 2018 NSC examination. Celebrating each individual’s personal achievements and outlining each person’s immediate academic plans at UCT and Stellenbosch, it made very impressive hearing. Mr Burrell spoke briefly of determining your achievement according to your ability rather than the ability of others. The various Grade Heads, Ms Johannes-Swanson, Mrs Hermans, Ms Pienaar and Mrs Hill, then called the 2018 Grade 8-11 achievers onto the stage to receive their Achievers and Honours badges. The very impressive number of girls crossing the stage augurs well for our school.

This was followed by the announcing of those who had achieved their academic colours and half colours. We congratulate the following girls:

Grade 10
Half colours (all new awards)

Robyn Adams, Aster Horne, Lara Marais, Engracia McTavish, Erin Natus, Lauren Rübler, Amy Tasten

Full colours (all new awards)
Erin Coetzee, Imogen Cupido, Qailah Daniels, Hannah Dunlop, Nura Fakir, Tanith Fester, Mia Grace, Jade Irvine-Smith, Mia Lewis, Juliette Lindup, Lara Mills, Lieschen Natus, Sage Seef, Jennifer Vine-Soanes, Jade Yardin

Grade 11
Half colours (
New awards)
Megan Farquhar, Nabeelah Jacobs, Amy Muller, Alex Nicholson, Asmaa Solomon, Jodi Swartz, Kayla Welsh,Yashoda Yengopal

Frances Barrow, Chéyenne Britten, Nonelela Madubedube, Aasiyah Saffodien

Full colours (New awards)
Jordan Abrahamse, Kristina Burge, Nishaat Davids, Aaminah Domingo, Mia du Plessis, Hannah Müller, Kyra Ormond, Jessica Venter


Lara Berry, Ciara Birch, Margareta Bosch, Robyn Brown, Amina Castineira, Jenna Currie, Jasmine Kennedy, Stephanie Newman, Lindsay Noland, Joanna Roodt, Mu'minah Salie, Naomi Simpson, Inge Tripod

Protea colours
Kaley Appleton, Nicola van Tellingen

2018 NSC 7 Distinctions
2018 Grade 10 Academic Half Colours
2018 Grade 10 Academic Full Colours
2018 Grade 11 Academic Half Colours
2018 Grade 11 Academic Full Colours
2018 Protea Colours
2018 Protea Colours1