Despite our concerns about the weather, the girls enjoyed a well-planned day at the pool. The activities included table-tennis, handball, waterpolo and picnics!

Table-tennis and handball (aka. four-court) took place at the pool tennis courts. It was the first time the school has held these two events. About 28 girls participated in table tennis: Queen of the Table. It was a basic format of winner-stays-on (first player to seven points). It was amazing to see the hidden talents of many of the girls, as table-tennis is not offered as one of our sports. There were fast serves and long rallies on all three tables.  Ivana Marais is our TABLE TENNIS CHAMP and stayed at the table playing for 3 hours!?!?! The event was truly made special with grins and laughter from players and supporters alike.

The handball was a special touch to the day. It is a common childhood game that many of the girls played during primary school. It excited many of the students allowing them to reminisce about their “good old days.” Although it might not look like it, there are certain skills required for this game. The basic one being hand-eye coordination. The more skilled players know how to play lower down and skim the ball.

The annual inter house Waterpolo matches took place at the same time. The day started off with a bang with the first few houses being nail-bitingly close with differences of only one goal between them. As the day progressed the crowd got bigger, the weather got hotter and the vibe became energised. For many girls who weren’t participating in the actual Waterpolo, the diving pool became a great way for them to cool down and relax while they were watching. The enviro club were selling hot dogs and ice-lollies (which were a big hit throughout the day), the tech team was playing music that even the teachers couldn’t resist dancing to. There was something for everyone to enjoy. After all the games had taken place, we had our two finalists: Waterloo and Silverlea went head to head for the win. The game was a very intense one, but Silverlea managed to score their 5th and final goal, leaving the end score 5-4 to Silverlea. Well done girls!

Thank you to the girls and staff for making it such an enjoyable day!

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