Kayla Welsh, Head of Constantia, reports on the achievements of Constantia House this term

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” - Winnie the Pooh

When we welcomed our Grade 8s of Constantia, none of us truly knew how much room they would take up in our hearts. They started off their year with the orientation where their spirit and unity were impressive. Their support of one another was clearly evident as was their enthusiasm.

There was an uncertain start to the year with both House Coordinator, Mr J. Saayman and student house head, Kayla Welsh arriving at school with a moon boot on the right foot and on crutches. The rest of the house, however sprung into action, letting nothing stop them from continuing our mission of making Constantia full of energy and spirit.

Last year, the house was asked to write down what they wanted Constantia to achieve this year, and what they personally hoped to gain. Words like support, involvement, sisterhood as well as spirit, energy and inclusivity were words that came up often. This allowed Constantia as a house to really understand that we are one unit. We work as one unit and that we have the same goals for the house. Each one of us has strived to live by the words of our former Head of House, Chelsea, “Constantia, not just a house, but a home.”

We believe that a little bit of competition within the house is never a bad thing and so we established an inter-tutor group challenge with the Grade 8s where the tutor group with the most service hours would win a prize. The winning tutor group was DN with 16 hours of service. We hope that in doing this the Grade 8s see service isn’t a chore but a passion. The house definitely did their bit when it came to the sanitary pad drive, with most girls bringing in pads to ease the struggle for someone else.

The Constantia leaders will strive to live by the words of Tigger: “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think” We look forward to the term ahead and are ready to jump higher than before.

Kayla Welsh
2019 Constantia Term 1
2019 Constantia Term 1
2019 Constantia Term 1