Constantia! What a house! This term has been the busiest and certainly hasn’t been the easiest for any of us, but it’s so heart-warming to see how each girl has pushed through for us.

At the beginning of this term we had our most anticipated event, the Grade 8 pool party. The matric leaders did a fantastic job at welcoming every new Grade 8 and helping them feel special and loved within their tutor groups. Another noteworthy event was the Grade 8 Pledge Ceremony. Every Grade 8 was nervous as this marked the occasion where they were invited to cross the stage wearing their Wynberg blazers. Just as the Grade 8s were, the student council were also nervous as welcomed each of these Constantia Wynberg Girls into their house.

One thing that I think I love the most about Constantia is that we’re eager to participate in a challenge and completely dominate at it. Constantia is the house that people speak about for winning all the sports days and most of the house challenges. This year the first house challenge came from Copenhagen and Silverlea. They put together a trivia quiz on musical topics. To our surprise we came 7th and we realised then that we had underestimated the competition. This however did not make us nervous at all. The next challenge was ours: it took the form of a lip sync battle much like the TV show. We went last and completely wowed the crowd with a mashup of early 2000’s music till now. We placed third in our challenge proving that if we work together we can achieve greatness.

Constantia is a diverse house full of loving spirits, both extroverted and introverted. We strive to be the best people we can possibly be by providing for our community through the sandwich drives and the weekly community service days where we make various things for underprivileged schools. When a problem arises, we tackle it head on and aren’t afraid to voice our opinion when something doesn’t sit well with us. We've worked hard this term to create a family. It’s not always about the winning but rather about willingness to do things and the long lasting relationships we can create within high school that help push us on. I can’t wait for the next two terms with this amazing house, watch out cause Constantia is coming for the win!

Alyssa Isaacs
Head of Constantia

2020 Term 1 Constantia Leaders