For Copenhagen's house challenge, I decided that I wanted to do something easy, enjoyable and new. Thus Copenhagen's literal house (keeping) challenge was born.

Arguably, this had the bonus of equipping us with some skills we will need when fending for ourselves in the future.

With only two representatives in each house, two houses per station and a minute to complete the task at each station, it was soon underway with station one: peg removal. Contestants were only allowed to use their hands in order to remove as many pegs as possible in the minute, however, any pegs removed had to be kept in their hands. A point was rewarded for each peg taken down but if one peg was dropped contestants had to put all their collected pegs on the floor and start from the beginning.

Station Two tested how well you could fold various pieces of linen, such as fitted bed sheets, oval tablecloths and duvet covers in a minute. Contestants were scored out of ten based on how much and how well they folded these items.

Station Three put contestants to the test as they had to remove an ink stain using the various detergents in front of them. This too would be marked out of ten depending on how well the stain was removed.

Station Four proved to be the most challenging as each team was provided with a container containing lentils, split-peas and beans. They had to divide these three types of legumes into the designated containers in under a minute. Ten points were awarded for half a container filled and twenty for a full container.

Just as quickly as it had began, it was over with Apsley coming in first, followed by Kirsten and then Silverlea. This challenge proved to be successful with the girls truly enjoying themselves.