Aasiyah Saffodien, Head of Copenhagen, reflects on the achievements of her house.

“True progress quietly and persistently moves along without notice.”
- St. Francis of Assisi

Term one has been one of slow yet steady progress. This term, I truly believe our girls showed up and rose to the occasion. Thursday mornings are a rush and our matric leaders have been stalwarts in driving our sandwich drive. Apart from the real support they offer during the term, they have been there eagerly helping and chatting to girls while spreading. I am particularly proud of some of the grade 8s who have supported this drive religiously. And I think that their participation and involvement have led to their integration into both our house and school.

There has also been improvement in the contribution to our various challenges. Our girls really made the effort to bring as many pads and tampons they could to contribute to the pad and tampon drive, run by the service pillar. We received many reusable pads as well as a generous donation of a few hundred panty liners, donated by Luana Lima. I am happy to say that we placed 4th in this drive: a collection for an extremely good cause. Our girls also participated in the Dance and Lip Sync challenges and placed 6th and 5th respectively.

A very big congratulations to the following girls who were in the Academic Top 10 for their grades:
Grade 8:
Jade Beaukes

Grade 9:
Amy Scholtz
Taherah Orrie
Liezaan Bosch
Farah Manie

Grade 10:
Emma Press
Swandle Mwezo

Grade 11:
Jade Irvine Smith
Lieschen Natus

Grade 12:
Mariné Bosch

I’d like to think that Copenhagen has made good progress in Term 1 of 2019. As we move into Term 2, we prepare for our challenge with Kirsten and aim to work on some new ideas to ensure continued growth. We are looking forward to the inter-house gala which takes place on the last day of the term, as well as our short but needed break!

Aasiyah Saffodien