When I think of the colour red I automatically think about love, and this house has shown their love this term!

At the beginning of this year we welcomed twenty six new Grade Eights into our family. To welcome them officially into Copenhagen, we had each tutor group paint one of their hands with red paint and then imprinted it onto a piece of material. We had thought of this idea as we had done the same at the beginning of our high school journey. Each matric leader wrote a personal note and gave a little gift to each new learner accompanied.

Copenhagen is a house which always enjoys giving back. Each Thursday morning many learners gladly make sandwiches filled with spread and lots of love! Our sandwich total varies from 250 sandwiches to 400 sandwiches each week. We are also proud to mention that a Grade Eleven learner, Nazirah Modack donates ten loaves every second week. This generous contribution is much appreciated. Hannah Naidoo and Pearl Gungu have also been very generous in their support of this initiative. Our spirit and support is not only seen sandwiches, but also at events like sports and cultural events.The only problem with this is that some learners forget to hand in supporters cards. However, this term Copenhagen has thrived academically earning merits for improvement and distinctions for us.

We thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Silverlea and Kirsten lip sync battle in which our competitors did an amazing job for us. We will end off the term with our annual inter house swimming gala for which we are super-keen and ready!

by Natheerah Noor
Head of Copenhagen

Copenhagen Term 1