At our meeting on Tuesday 8 May, we discussed various news items as well as topical issues. Kelley-Beth Oliphant spoke about a new form of tax that has been introduced in the German city of Bonn, Lauren Mitchell spoke about a new type of bomb that has been developed that is metal-free (this means that it can get though airport security and therefore is a potential threat), Claudia Harrison spoke about students in China who are hooked up to IV machines in class to provide them with an energy boost before the very difficult university entrance exams and Laeeqa Allie spoke about ostrich culling in the Karoo. The society as a whole also had a discussion about both the positive and the negative aspects of e-tolling. This discussion went on for a long time and only ended because we ran out of time.

We look forward to next week’s meeting where we’ll be talking about positive news items!

The E-tolling problem - Part 1 (as screened on Carte Blanche)

The E-tolling problem Part 2 (as screened on Carte Blanche)