Our Current Affairs society meets once a week to discuss recent local and global affairs.

Current Affair had its first meeting of 2016 on Tuesday afternoon, and once again the room was filled to capacity. Our topic for the session was 'Racism', as over the festive period there was an increase in racist comments, tweets and posts on social media.

Girls were keen to engage in this conversation, as for most of us, this is a deeply personal issue. Those who have experienced direct racism opened up and shared their experiences with the group. This helped build a greater level of understanding and willingness to address this issue.

Many felt that even though we are 22 years into the new South Africa, there is still a long way to go before our society is truly transformed. Many felt that 'Fees Must Fall' had done much to highlight the issue . As a response to our first meeting, members of the society intend becoming more socially conscious in 2016 in order to work towards establishing a more empathetic and just society. We believe that one of the ways in which this can be achieved is by our having more forum discussions to address contentious issues.

Overall, Current Affairs is off to a positive start and hopefully it only gets better as the year progresses. We will be continuing this discussion in next week’s session. Everyone who is free from 3-4pm on Tuesday afternoon is encouraged to join in on the discussion in Room 19!

Shaking Off  Racist  Past