Mikaela Meyer was at the airport to say goodbye to Kayla Anderson (on the right) and Juliette Lindup (on the left) as they departed for Prague with their ballet group, from the Janet Lindup Ballet Studio, to take part in an International Competition, the New Prague Dance Festival.

Also at this festival is Kaitlyn Wilson, who is the youngest of a group of dancers from the Jacqui Pells School of Ballet, who range in age from 14 to 20 years old.

The event involves an array of rich experiences involving sight-seeing, masterclasses, rehearsals, competitive performances on an international platform. The Festival takes place from the 7-13 July.

While Juliette and Kayla will be returning after the Prague Festival, Kaitlyn will be flying on to Paris, where she will have an opportunity to attend a number of masterclasses and professional performances.

We wish them and their dance group luck as they fly the Cape Town and South African banners high at this festival.

Juliette and Kayla Prague Dance Festival
Kaitlyn Wilson - Dancing in Prague