Silverlea House initiates a Beyonce Challenge...

The houses began working on musical performances of any form (e.g. poetry, singing, dancing, acting etc.) to represent what the musical icon and singer Beyoncé embodies and what she stand for: confidence and empowerment of women.

A jam packed hall filled with a buzzing adrenaline-pumping atmosphere greeted the performers as each of our eight houses took to the stage to present their stellar-quality performances, all embodying what they believed Beyoncé stands for.

The results followed the suspense of a weekend's wait in our Monday assembly:
6th place–Waterloo,
5th place Copenhagen,
4th place Apsley,
joint 3rd place Kirsten, Wellesley, Constantia,
2nd place Cavanagh
and 1st place Silverlea
This is what Silverlea did to win!

The strong message of empowerment of women, confidence, loving oneself, independence and power in unity was strongly felt and expressed by all 8 houses and the break time proved to be both enjoyable, educational and inspirational to the learners.

Silverlea Challenge - Yoncé-Off