Days before the great Lip Sync challenge there were some very brave and brilliant performers who were perfecting their routines ahead of the 2019 Wellesley and Apsley House Challenge.

This year it involved an exciting trip to the worlds of Disney. From the Pride Lands of Africa in The Lion King to the small town of Chicken Little's Oakey Oaks, the houses rose to the challenge of the 2019 Lip Sync battle!

The event took place in the Aileen Currie Hall on Tuesday, 12 March during break, where childhood memories and a spirit reminiscent of the Soccer World cup came together as learners supported their houses! It was an extremely successful challenge, allowing us for just a moment to believe that wishes could come true and magic was real. It was a delightful experience for all. This challenge would have not been possible without the help of our judges, Ms Meggan Cupido and Mrs Louella Gcweka, whom we thank sincerely for their time and wisdom.

Congratulations to all the houses who participated and for putting on such an entertaining show and for showing so much enthusiasm! First place goes to Waterloo, second place to Wellesley and third place to Silverlea. We are extremely proud of all that took part and it would have not been possible without our supporters.