On the 24th September 2010 a group of Wynberg Girls attended a seminar at the Equal Education Bookery in Town

Equal Education is a social movement of learners, parents, teachers and community members who work towards attaining quality and equality in South Africa’s Education System through analysis and activism. Equal Education uses research and community campaigns to drive social engagement and policy change for the improvement of Public Education in South Africa.

On the 24 September, Tarryn Beatty, Julia Cosentino, Kim Schilder, and Meghan Daniels, attended a seminar at the Equal Education Bookery in Town. The purpose of the seminar was to encourage students from suburban schools to engage with others over the crisis facing Public Basic Education in South Africa and to ask for support in 2010 and beyond. It was a seminar for students who are serious about learning more and becoming involved in the struggle to change education in South Africa and to lead Equal Education within schools. The girls, who were thoroughly educated through fun-filled activities, believe that the Equal Education movement truly has the potential to create an change in South Africa.

Equal  Education