It is always said that the joy of life is in the participation, and it was certainly clear from the faces of our team, that the afternoon was enjoyed by all.

Last week the swimming team went to Herschel to swim in the first gala of the season. We all swam well - particularly in our individual and relay races, but sadly we had no U14 swimmers with us, we therefore lost points in that area and came 6/6.

Come on U14's - the Hockey girls have shown what they can do: we know that there are some superb swimmers out there!

Our next gala will be in the first term of next year: we know that all our girls will be training in the long December holidays and are sure that by then, we will offer some competition that our opposition will be surprised by!

2007-First Gala
2007-First Gala1
2007 - First Gala 2
2007-First Gala3
2007-First Gala4
2007-First Gala5