In keeping with tradition, on Thursday 15 September all of the grade 8s and new grade 11 leaders joined Wynberg Girls' Junior School in celebrating their annual Flag Raising Ceremony.

It was a wonderful ceremony which focused on Wynberg's fascinating history and all of the things within our school that have changed over the years. The prestigious event was enjoyed by all and the love and pride students have for Wynberg was evident throughout.

The 132nd Founder's Day Falg Raising Ceremony kicked off with the Junior School Orchestra's rendition of 'Pomp and Circumstance'. As this played, the flags were carried down the aisles and onto the stage by a group of Grade 1 and Grade 7 girls. The first flag to be presented was the South African flag, followed by the school flag and finally the flags of the school's four houses - Constantia, Silverlea, Cavanagh and Kirsten. As each flag was raised, the national anthem was sung.

The guests were then welcomed by the principal, Mrs Cawcutt, who explained the importance of celebrating Wynberg's 'birthday' and introduced the honorary guest, Miss Vera Lawton, one of the junior school's previous principals. Miss Lawton gave a very interesting speech in which she shared some of her favourite memories of Wynberg, both from when she was a student and from times she spent teaching. She gave the audience an idea of just how many things have changed at Wynberg over the years, including the building of facilities such as the hall, the gym and the aquatic centre. The younger girls were amazed to discover that Miss Lawton had put together the words of their school song. One of the messages Miss Lawton shared was that we should all be very grateful for everything we have because in the past, students didn't have nearly as many of the incredible facilities our school has now.

The audience was then treated to a special performance by the grade R's, who sang The Wynberg Life. It was very heart warming and certainly produced plenty of smiles from the audience as proud parents in the gallery took plenty of photos. This entertainment was followed by a Bible reading by Samantha Springorum and a prayer combining English, read by Clarise Conradie; Afrikaans read by Jamie Geland; isiXhosa, read by Buyisile Nqubelani and Islam, read by Misbah Toefy.

The last entertainment items for the ceremony were a stunning performance of Wakati wa Amani by the Junior School's senior choir and a beautiful flute trio. Finally, our principal, Mrs Harding introduced the guest speaker, Jessica Stephens, the Wynberg Girls' High School Head of School for 2017. Jessica gave a short speech in which she spoke about how special Wynberg is and what it means to be a Wynberg Girl. She spoke about the everlasting bond that Wynberg girls share and shared some of her favourite things about Wynberg. Her final message was that we should enjoy every moment we spend at school so that in the future when we gather to celebrate our history, we will have even more great memories to celebrate.

After a vote of thanks by Almaas Bailey, Mrs Cawcutt thanked everyone for attending the ceremony and concluded the special event. The high school girls returned to school, listening to the orchestra playing Star Wars as they exited the hall. . All in all, it was a very successful 132nd annual Flag Raising Ceremony.