On Thursday 26 April 2007, just before the long weekend, the first team Tennis, Hockey, Netball, and Debating girls, as well as their respective teachers in charge, flew up to Bloemfontein for the annual Girls’ Schools’ Sporting and Cultural Tour which was held at Eunice Girls’ School.

After settling in at Eunice’s hostel, followed by lunch from Nandos, we were warmly welcomed, along with the other nineteen schools that were participating, in the opening ceremony which took place in the school hall of Eunice. After listening to a string quartet, we were all invited to snacks and juice around the school pool, after which we had the choice of going to watch the one-act plays that were taking place in Eunice’s theatre.

On Friday, we were all woken up by the sound of the Hockey girls off for their early morning run. Soon after, we were all downstairs in the dining hall, enjoying a great breakfast, before many of the teams needed to leave for their various venues to begin the day’s matches. After a successful day on all accounts, as well as a well-earned meal, we all fell into bed exhausted from the day’s events.

On Saturday, everyone managed, once again, to enjoy themselves either on fields, courts or in the classroom. Although the weather proved to be freezing, especially for those playing outside, we all looked forward to our meal at the Spur that night.

On Sunday, our last day of activities and matches, we were woken up once again by the Hockey girls, knowing they were off for their very early morning run. Everyone spent the day with their various teams, all trying their best to play well and have fun. At five o’clock that evening, all of the various teams from the twenty different schools met together around the astro to support the last hockey match between Pietermaritzburg and Eunice. After the close match, which Eunice won by one goal, all the different schools walked onto the astro in groups along with their school flags. After much singing and shouting, the winners of the respective schools were announced followed by a speech thanking the twenty schools for participating in such a successful event at Eunice. Although exhausted from the previous three days, all of the girls left the astro, excited and proud.

On Monday morning, we ate our last breakfast at the Eunice hostel. After arriving at Bloemfontein Airport, we all booked our bags in at the check-in counter and boarded Mango Airlines, back to Cape Town.

A big thank you must go to all our coaches and especially Ms Edwards for all the hours spent on organising such an incredible event which all of us will remember for years to come.

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