The Grade 10 History learners start Term 3 with a topic entitled Transformations in Southern Africa around 1750.

This topic focuses on a period of history known as the 'mfecane' or Times of Trouble and looks at changes that occurred amongst Southern African societies around 1750. Previously this was attributed to the rise of the Zulu nation under Shaka Zulu, but more recent studies have argued that there were numerous agents of change to explain this transformation.

The WGHS History Department has spent many hours over the last 6 years with the assistance of the UCT PGCE History Department, and wisdom of Dr. Kate Angier (one of our parents and SGB members), reworking this section to make it more accessible and exciting for our learners with the main aim being to decolonise how this has previously been taught.

These pictures show the Grade 10s playing the oldest board game in the world, Mancala, a very strategically driven and highly competitive game. They are also seen building puzzles called Mapblitz which challenge the learners to build a puzzle of the continent of Africa in the shortest amount of time. This may sound easier than you think!

We hope that this is the start to another engaging and fulfilling term that challenges the way the Gr 10 History learners perceive Africa.