The Grade 11 Camp took place from the 11th to the 13th of February at the Rocklands Centre in Simon's Town. It proved to be an extremely worthwhile experience full of educational talks about leadership, a number of fun activities and opportunities to bond as a grade.

In preparation for the final year of high school and life thereafter, a large amount of focus is placed on the learning and developing of leadership qualities. The Grade 11s therefore enjoyed interesting talks such as 'Stress Management' and 'Leadership Qualities', as well as a fascinating session called 'Discover Yourself' in which we learnt what an enneagram was and discussed the aspects of our particular personality types. These were all extremely enlightening in understanding who we are, and what our strengths and weaknesses as leaders are.

As well as these talks, there were also team-building exercises such as various games/obstacles designed to increase team spirit and encourage teamwork. Each house also had to enter a play into the House Play Competition. This year the theme we explored was 'Heights'. It was great to see how the teams worked so well together and produced amazing results - this year the winning house was Copenhagen. The drumming workshop must be mentioned as one of the highlights of the camp. There was very little doubt that it was very evident that if we worked together, listened to each other we were capable of making the most awesome music.

This camp provided every single Grade 11 with invaluable lessons on leadership, the opportunity to make new friendships and to form memories that will last for a lifetime. Everyone girl who attended would agree that it was certainly not an experience worth missing and they have taken away skills they can carry into their futures as leaders.

-Meg Anderton

2015 Grade 11 Camp