On 26 January our Grade Eights were formally welcomed to the school as Wynberg girls. The ceremony is a rite of passage affirming their role in the school, their houses and their tutor group. Parents are invited to witness this significant moment.

In welcoming, them Zolisa Kapa, Chair of the RCL, reminded them that of the following:

Being a Wynberg Girl entails more than wearing the uniform or knowing the school song. It’s in being kind to your fellow Wynberg sisters, respecting the staff, caring for our communities, and enjoying the love and camaraderie in your grade. It’s about really coming to understand our motto of “Honour before Honours” and accepting that those three words represent a lifelong code of conduct: whether you’re in these four walls or out in society, you are a Wynberg Girl and your words and actions should always reflect that .

Orientation welcomed you informally, and this ceremony welcomes you formally to Wynberg Girls’ High School. Welcome to the ride of a lifetime.

The occasion includes the receiving of a pledge signed by them and the Principal of the school, the receiving of a school badge, individual welcoming into the House and Tutor Group, and for the first time, their earning the right to wear the Wynberg Girls' High School blazer. They are reminded that they have been chosen as Wynberg Girls out of hundreds of applicants.

Grade 8 Pledge Ceremony

In the words of Winnie the Pooh, they were asked to promise that they'd always remember: 'You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.'

The occasion was closed with the first public performance by our Grade Eights of the school song.