Giggles of anticipation, butterflies flying amok in your stomach and the smell of a new uniform are but a few memories one can recall when thinking of their first day of high school. Grade 8 is an exciting year of transition and growth for every thirteen year old pupil and the WGHS Grade 8 Orientation of 2012 provided this promising new student body with an opportunity to get to know one another and the school they are so proud to be a member of.

The fun and games of Orientation Week commenced on Wednesday, 11 January with an introduction to their enthusiastic student council, who vied for the Grade 8’s pledges to various new and exciting societies and extra-mural activities. The Grade 8’s were further acquainted with the school when they took to the grounds on an Amazing Race, where they had either to follow various clues to learn about the history of the school or jump into the new multipurpose swimming pool as a detour activity. They were also encouraged to reveal their loyalty as they were taught a Wynberg war cry.

Rayne Callaghan explains: Although it is a war cry that is usually done with blazers, the school had to be creative, as most of the girls didn't have them there, and we used recycled paper instead.  The Grade 8s saw this as an opportunity to be part of something bigger, something that they enjoyed blindly, for they could not see the effect of their work. The exercise ignited in them a spirit for school life to come, because they were unidentifiable underneath their pieces of paper, and the paper - like them, was full of potential. This was their clean slate, and a passport to a different kind of fun.

Under the attentive eye of the WGHS teaching staff who welcome the Grade 8’s into their classrooms this year, the Grade 8’s learnt what it meant to be a proud member of the Wynberg Family and started their first day of classes with the confidence and knowledge they gained from their three days of orientation. We wish them well and continued happiness as they complete their high school career as a Wynberg girl.

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