2021 BelleTones Report

Starting a new ensemble is one thing. Starting a new ensemble in the middle of a global pandemic is another thing. Starting a new SINGING ensemble in the middle of a global pandemic is its own thing entirely.

We started The Belletones at the end of March and had a lot of fun getting to know each other and singing together until the new Covid regulations. We were forced to shut down for a bit and then were limited to sectionals.

We are now an ensemble of only 12 singers, this means that every week we had a maximum of 3 singers in our 1 rehearsal each week. However, with tremendous effort and dedication from our singers, we managed to pull together and produce two pieces that we are proud of!

We have sung through masks and through lockdowns, and we have made it.

We’re so incredibly excited to finally introduce the BelleTones to the public and are looking forward to kicking off next year with a bang!

Report by: Amy Campbell (BelleTones Vocal Coach)

Watch the BelleTones cover performances of "Cups" and "Hallelujah".