Match Summary

1st 0 - 0
2nd 0 – 0
3rd 3 – 1
U16A 4 – 1 Wynberg
U16B 0 – 0
U14A 0 - 3 Rustenberg
U14B 0 – 0

Wynberg vs Rustenburg

1st team:
On a chilly Friday evening on the Wynberg Astro these two teams went head-to-head on what was a fairly evenly-matched game. In the first half neither team looked as if they were going to score, with the ball circulating in the mid-field. Wynberg were awarded 3 penalty corners during the game and just didn't manage to capitalise on them. Shortly before half-time the Astro lights decided to play up, and half of them went out. After a discussion with both umpires and coaches at half-time it was decided that the ball was still visible and that play should continue. Fortunately, whatever gremlin had crept in to create problems with our lights retreated ten minutes into the second half and our lights behaved as they should. Erin Prince was unlucky to sustain two minor injuries in the game. She took a fast-paced ball to the foot and later was hit by a stick. Rustenburg also had a player come off the field when she fell badly and injured her neck, but fortunately it wasn't serious. Final score was 0-0.

Comment from Coach Ryan: 'We're grateful for the 1 point, but we need to stick to a game plan and not play as individuals in order to win our upcoming games.'

3rd team:
On Friday the 18th of May at 4:00 pm the Wynberg third team played Rustenberg on the Wynberg astro. In the first half Wynberg was not controlling the ball well. 2 goals were scored by Rustenberg. However, after half time Wynberg was rearing to go. There were some lovely drives up the field and most of the game was played in the Rustenberg half. A free hit was taken by Wynberg, passed beautifully up the field to Chante Beck, who shot and scored! This was a perfect example of teamwork!

Unfortunately, Rustenberg scored again in the last 7 minutes making the final score 3-1 to Rustenberg. This score wasn't amazing, but that one goal proved to us that we can do it! The player of the match was Chante Beck because of her amazing first goal of the season! But the whole team must be commended on their amazing teamwork!

I am very proud of my team and cannot wait for next week :)

The U16A's were unlucky to have no goal keeper and had to play with an extra player (kicking back) Robin Burrows who saved good goals. The first half the score was 1-0 to Wynberg. There were a significant number of one-two passes but we definitely played as a team. 2 goals were scored off shorties and other two by working the ball up into the D section and from there, into the goals. Goal were scored by Cara, Jamie, Caitlin . Regrettably, Jamie got a spasm her calf but we were delighted that there were no major injuries. The final score was 4-1 to Wynberg. Player of the match was Steph Lopes-Stuart. Coach comment - I'm very exited for the up-coming season, the team has lots of potential to build from.

The U16B hockey team played a tough game against Rustenburg on 19 May 2012. The teams were more or less evenly matched, and played to the best of their abilities. Although the rain was drizzling down at times, our heads were held high, intent on scoring. We had many opportunities on goal, yet only one short corner. The final score was 0-0, with grateful thanks to our defensive players, who played especially well. This week we aim to improve our free hits, and look forward to the match ahead. We are still unbeaten and our spirits remain high!

U14 A
We played a very defensive game, and unfortunately lost 3-0. All their goals were off short-corners. Despite the loss, we are keeping our heads up and plan to beat our opponents next season. Their defense was particularly which didn't allow any entries into the D for us. To our credit, the Wynberg spirit of supera moris was something Girls' High latched onto: we kept trying. Well done, Rustenberg.

U14 B:
The U14B's had a hard match against Rustenburg. In the first half Wynberg appeared not fully in controll, but as the game progressed Wynberg started to dominate. Unfortunately, this came too late in the game and we ended the game in a draw 0 – 0. Player of the match: Natasha Mauye.