The 2008 Hockey Season starts and our girls are on fire...

Our first team girls and their coach, Ryan Pillay, have been hard at training during the holidays. Each week during our three-week March holidays, there were two two-hour training sessions which our girls were expected to attend. Prior to this, our girls have been having early morning fitness sessions on a Monday morning. It has definitely been fantastic to see that all this hard work seems to be paying off.

In the second week of term our girls played a touring side from Durban. We drew one all. It was an equally matched game and the win could have swung either way. This was our first match as a new team and we all played extremely well.

Over these weeks our first team has grown into an extremely tight unit, no one can mess with a fellow hockey player! This great bonding between team members was particularly noticeable in our match against Stellenberg on Saturday. We beat Stellenberg 4 - 2: a great start to the season. We are sure that the same fire and enthusiasm that could be seen on the Bellville astro will carry on through all our practices and definitely all the matches to follow. Keep the fire burning girls!

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