The heads of our eight houses share their thoughts on Term 1 2021.

The heads of our eight houses share the highs and lows of Term 1.


Amaqua has used Term 1 to embrace our new normal, which includes our new name, as well as the protocols in place to protect us from Covid-19.

Our Amaqua tutor groups decided to host tutor group activities on a weekly basis, in order to keep our learners interacting with each other in a safe way. These included General Knowledge quizzes, tutor group picnics, and fun-filled (Covid-19 friendly) games. These activities helped the Amaqua learners to embrace their tutor groups, as well as to welcome our new Grade 8s!

The Grade 8 and 9 House Challenges that took place at the end of Term 1 were a great way to end this long, and tiring term. Our learners did so well, and we can't wait to see how our Senior learners do in the terms to come.

While our name has changed, our colour, pink, and our mascot, Pink Panther, stay the same. This sense of normality within the house has grounded us, and we're filled with pride to be able to wear the colour pink while cheering each other on in all aspects of our school career.


After a very long and hard term, we are proud to have found the spirit within Aristea has not died! We have worked very hard to ensure that our house and, more particularly, our tutor groups continue to be a space where our learners can feel safe and comfortable. Team building and mental health has been our house’s main focus throughout the term. The house challenges were the perfect way for our learners to be able to bond and to rekindle the spirit we were well known for in the past!

Azima :

In Azima, we have focused on the well being of our learners. During tutor time we have taken time out to focus on our mental health, giving advice and offering help where help is needed; because, in order to grow as a whole we need to assist each and every individual. We knew that building spirit would be tough due to fewer house challenges but the Grade 8 and 9 challenges have shown me that we can overcome this hurdle and that our spirit is bigger and stronger than any pandemic. The learners showed up in their best green outfits and blew me away with their enthusiasm and excitement to join in on the fun.

I’m extremely proud of each and every Azima learner and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year brings us!


Term One may have been a challenge but Ferraria really came together. We gained strength from each other and supported each other. I am sure everyone is excited for Term Two.


Covid -19 has been a difficult time for all and this is clearly shown in the activity of the houses. iKhala, however, has come together during tutor time to create house spirit and a comfortable environment for all. The Grade 8s and 9s enjoyed a fun afternoon, completing various challenges, led by the School Council members. We can’t wait to see what the next few terms have in store for iKhala!


Despite the challenges that Covid - 19 has thrown at the Jackalberries and the lengthy first term, Jackalberry still made an effort to make this term a successful one. Jackelberry showed great teamwork and spirit, and contributed towards the house in any way that they could. The Easter egg drive was a great success. The Grade 8 and 9 challenge day was filled with enthusiasm, style, and new friendships were made. All Jackalberry members made the leaders and their tutor teachers proud this term. Onward and upward for the rest of the year!


From Wellesley to Marula, the yellow spirit still lives on. Marula welcomed the Grade 8s on 9 February, and the leaders went out of their way to set up a photo booth to express the values that the house stands for: Joy, Fun, Determination.

Marula took on the giraffe as its mascot for 2021 to link with the characteristics of the Marula tree. Giraffes are the gentle giants of nature. They reach heights few other creatures can, and they observe the world from up high –giving them a unique perspective on life. We think giraffes can teach us about happiness and wholeness, and we want our learners to learn from this amazing animal. The house started the year on a great note: learners donated to the food drive, the reusable mask drive and the Easter egg drive. Marula learners continue to show determination towards service and serving those in need. Despite the challenges of this year, Marula has grown together, made new bonds and continues to grow through the values of the school, guidance of the leaders and loyalty of the house.


Even though we all knew that bonding and creating house spirit would be difficult this year, the Mowana learners have made an effort to bring alive the spirit of Mowana. The house was enthusiastic during the Easter egg drive as well as the Grade 8 and 9 house challenges. I also think that being able to be back in tutor groups, even twice a week, has made it easier for the Mowana learners to connect and support each other, making it feel as if they are slowly getting back to normal.