Kfm Breakfast show was broadcast live at Wynberg Girls' High on the morning of 23 August. The atmosphere between 6:30 and 8:00 was more like a carnival than the start of a school day as staff and girls gathered around the mobile studio. Apart from the excitement of members of our school being featured, there are a number of connections with Kfm which make the radio station very important. Two of our past pupils - Charmaine Noy and Lauren Manuel - are part of the breakfast team, and surf reporter Deon Bing is father of our 2010 Head of Sport, Hannah Bing.

There was something marvellous about hearing Charmaine interviewing Shirley Harding about the commitment of our school to service, and two of our Matric girls, Raeesa Brey and Yashna Garach, smashing the GK Teen records. Staff and girls were united in celebrated their victory and their winning R500 each. Gees was back, and it was at Wynberg.

There were groans of disappointment as the start of school began, and girls had leave the music and the celebrations to report for their lessons. Rayne Callaghan, who wrote into Kfm to tell them about what our school has been doing about women's month was interviewed next. She spoke about our sandwich drive, the making of Care Packages, the peer tutoring and Big Sister programme. She spoke of Afritwin and our relationship with Zimasa and she spoke of the hundreds of jerseys made for Nazareth House. The message was clear: there were numerous ways in which we could support the call to Lead South Africa and give of ourselves to support others.

At the end of the show we all met in the hall for a special assembly, where Kfm had a treat for us. They reminded us of the importance of continuing to make a difference in our communities by getting involved and encouraged those who are not to become so. They then introduced us to three young men who have made a difference in their communities through dance. These award-winning break dancers performed for the school, and then invited a few of our girls the opportunity to learn a few moves! Finally, Tessa Suttle, 2011 Head of School, thanked Kfm for hosting their show at our school.