How wonderfully strange that such pride and joy should ripple out, and find its way in the lives of so many others.

A little while ago, Aaminah Domingo's dad sent in a photograph of some of the work that she had done for the Wool4Wonders campaign. It was clear that he was proud and delighted, and the beauty of her work reveals her pleasure in participating in it.

At the same time, we received an extraordinarily heartwarming letter of thanks from Riëtte Bryant of Kruistementvlei Library who, at the time of receiving our donation of beanies and jerseys, was able to meet the needs of the community she serves.

She told us that they "came just in time for the freezing cold we are experiencing out here." We were also told that the children’s home in Moorreesburg had contacted them "were also desperately looking for warm clothing for some of their children." Riëtte was able to pass some on to them and wants us to know that our donation came at just the right time for meeting the need of mothers with newborn babes at the local clinic and this children's home. She wanted us to know that this gesture has warmed the bodies and hearts of many a young child.

While Aaminah's contribution may not have been amidst the particular donation sent, it did allow us a glimpse of just some of the people involved in and affected by this marvellous campaign.

Aaminah Domingo Wool For Wonders
W4W Kruistementvlei Community
W4W  Kruistementvlei Community Library