After all of the intellectual exercise of exams, the end of term provides an opportunity for a little physical exercise in the summer sunshine. Although Wynberg has held fun sport events in the past, this year an Interhouse Athletics Challenge took place on the Boys’ High fields on Monday.

Events included all short and long distance races, plus all field events. Competition was keen, and the voices were loud! At first it was Cavanagh all the way, but gradually Constantia drew level and then took the lead!  The orange wave swept all in its path! Second was Wellesley and third, Cavanagh! Well done to all those who participated.

In the interhouse Soccer, Volley Ball and Water Polo challenges there were some upsets! In the Waterpolo final, Cavanagh had a shock win over much fancied Kirsten, winning 2-1 in extra time. Waterloo was third. In the Soccer, again it was Cavanagh, this time they outplayed Constantia in the final, Tokara Swanepoel heading a fantastic ‘Wayne Rooney’ goal along the way. Third was Kirsten. This was the first time interhouse Volleyball was played and it was very well supported and hugely successful for Waterloo, who beat all comers! Second was Apsley, followed by Cavanagh. Congratulations to Cavanagh who did well in all of these events - 3rd in Athletics, 1st in Waterpolo, 1st in Soccer and 3rd in Volleyball! Maybe it’s the Fernandez factor!





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