Making history in a number of ways, at 12:35 on Friday afternoon, we began livestreaming the ceremony in which the new names of our houses will be announced and the leaders of 2020-2021. This was the result:

Head of Hostel ~ Linda Mema
Deputy Heads ~ Khanyisile Cotani and Swandle Mwezo

Apsley becomes Azima
Head of House - Danielle van Wyk
MA Matric Leader ~ Tayla Gassert
AW Matric Leader ~ Ronalee Africa
JB Matric Leader ~ Amber de Wet
AM Matric Leader ~ Megan Speedy

Cavanagh becomes Amaqua
Head of House ~ Corina Austin
DP Matric Leader ~ Gemma Hoskins
KS Matric Leader ~ Tiero van Niekerk
LB Matric Leader ~ Kyla Peters
NS Matric Leader ~ Clarise Conradie

Constantia becomes iKhala
Head of House ~ Emmah Herbert
LK Matric Leader ~ Kezia Floris
LL Matric Leader ~ Carla Reinecke
OA Matric Leader ~ Jada Paulse
DN Matric Leader ~ Buyisile Nqubelani

Copenhagen becomes Mowana
Head of House ~ Luana Lima
CV Matric Leader~ Nazirah Modack
MV Matric Leader ~ Caylin O'Kelly
SF Matric Leader ~ Emma Press
SL Matric Leader ~ Zakiyah Salie

Kirsten becomes Ferraria
Head of House ~ Nomvelo Majola
GJ Matric Leader ~ Laaiqah Tasriet
KH Matric Leader ~ Jamie Geland
NW Matric Leader ~ Savannah Solomon
SP Matric Leader ~ Isabella Beugelink

Silverlea becomes Jackalberry
Head of House ~ Megan Frost
JN Matric Leader ~ Courtney Steenveld
ST Matric Leader ~ Abby Fraser
TH Matric Leader ~ Yusrah Khan
YM Matric Leader ~ Zuhaa Abader

Waterloo becomes Aristea
Head of House ~ Rabiah Gaibie
CU Matric Leader ~ Gabriella Spriggs
PB Matric Leader ~ Phoebe Andrews
RB Matric Leader ~Ashleigh Stevens
WP Matric Leader ~Salma Francis-Adams

Wellesley becomes Marula
Head of House ~ Alicia Arends
VM Matric Leader ~ Aqeelah Hassen
HL Matric Leader ~ Aaniquah Dicks
SJ Matric Leader ~ Andrea de Kock
VM Matric Leader ~ Aminah Allie


Grade 8
Hannah Hill
Hanan Salasa
Zara Vollenhoven

Grade 9
Taskeen Hoosain
Mersei Mananga
Florence Omari

Grade 10
Yasmin Adams
Pollyanne Carlos
Layla Poole

Grade 11
Buyisile Nqubelani
Okuhle Stofile
Siba Tokwe

Head of the Academic Pillar ~ Jaime Lodewyk
Head of the Cultural Pillar ~ Bernadetta Kabou-Block
Head of the Service Pillar ~ Jenna-Morgan Mouton
Head of the Sports Pillar ~ Gina Walker

Head of Sustainability ~ Summer Dreyden
Head of Communications ~ Erin White

Head of School ~ Siba Tokwe