Our Grade 8s brought chuckles of delight from Ms Wallace as they modelled their practical art work for her. Some of them, a little shy, attempted to scuttle through her office, while others seemed to enjoy explaining what had inspired them.

This year, their artwork - Social Distancing Headgear - was inspired by the imaginative response of a French artist, Dominique Pouzol, responding to the need to enforce social distancing in a Parisian Art Gallery. It appears that his inspiration was drawn from the Song dynasty, which ruled China between 960 and 1279. The first Song emperor is said to have ordered his officials to wear winged hats so that they could not gossip without being heard.

This was our Grade 8s brief:

Social Distancing Headwear Brief

Learning from the Parisians, our proud and excited Grade 8s took to the corridors and passages wearing their finery as they made their way to reveal their work to Ms Wallace.