Ten drama girls were extremely fortunate to attend the masterclass presented by Sir Antony Sher at the Baxter Theatre. Funds raised at this event were donated to the Brett Golden Bursary.

There was quite a buzz at the end of 2008 as we heard that Janice Honeyman was directing The Tempest with Sir Antony Sher as Prospero, John Kani as Caliban and Atandwa Kani as Ariel. Rumour had it that we would not see anything like this production: that it was 'magical', 'astonishing', 'superb'.

What a privilege it was therefore to be given the opportunity to visit the Baxter Theatre on Wednesday 28th January: ten extra drama students were going to attend a masterclass presented by Sir Anthony Sher entitled Shakespeare and Me. We were treated to extracts from some of roles he had performed, insights into his career, experiences he had enjoyed with the Royal Shakespeare Society all punctuated with marvellous anecdotes from his life in South Africa and England and his determination and skill in the acting industry. It was a wonderful experience to listen to such an influential yet humble man, and it was an occasion thoroughly enjoyed by all.

It was only a week later that we were able to watch the stellar cast of The Tempest when a block booking for the school was made for interested theatre goers. There was little doubt that theatre like this is a rare treat: all of the accolades were richly deserved. What a fabulous start to 2009.

Sir  Anthony  Sher And  John  Kani