The Mindfulness Week, a collaboration between various societies, was a success! Read the about the week and the learner feedback below.

The Mindfulness Week, run by the Sustainability Committee in collaboration with Peer Guides, Mountain Club and Enviro Club, ran from 23 - 29 March. Interested learners joined a WhatsApp group through which they were informed of the mindfulness theme for each day of the week. These themes consisted of Meditation Monday, Tuneful Tuesday, Wednesday Without Social Media, Thoughtful Thursday, and Fun Friday. Each of these days aimed to allow the learners to get a better understanding of mindfulness and how it can have a positive impact on their lives and, in particular, stress management. Many of the activities such as dancing to music, journaling, reducing social media intake, and spending time in nature are simple and familiar to most people. This week aimed to remind participants that there is an abundance of light surrounding us and all we have to do is invite it into our lives to experience the beauty of the present moment. Report written by Sadie Kennedy

Below is some feedback that the Sustainability Portfolio received from those who took part in the mindfulness week:

What have you learned/gained from this experience?

“I've learned that I need time to myself and time to relax clear mind all away from social media”

“I’ve learnt more about myself and that taking a moment matters”

“Be more organized and less stressed about the little things”

“That self-care is important”

“I have learned to take care of myself every day”

“I have learned to get in touch with my inner self”

“The distractions we face daily are so difficult to overcome but by taking a little bit of time out of each day to be truly mindful my calmness and peacefulness improved”