'She is a qualified psychologist, expert taxi-driver and a nurse of distinction. She carries back-breaking burdens, stresses herself senseless and has captured the market on sleepless nights. She laughs when she feels like crying, never takes a day off and fixes most things wit a smile and  a hug; she performs last minute miracles, can 'jump over the moon' and embraces her children with unconditional, undying love '

A mother is a priceless gift.

Food, music, love and more food!  The Wynberg way of celebrating Mother's Day was a brunch on Saturday 12 May. Wynberg girls were given an opportunity to bring their Mothers to a fully-organized brunch in the Aileen Currie Hall, where a feast of muesli, yoghurt, fresh fruit, fresh breads and croissants were amongst the foods served on colourful and elegantly decorated table and served by our hugely efficient Occasions Team.

Each mother-and-daughter pair received a generou 'goodie-bag' upon their arrival, which included magazines,  jewellery, Skincare products, perfume,  tea and chocolate. The smell of fresh foods and coffee drifted through the hall. Entertainment included performances from our String Ensemble, our Marimba Bands and the Jazz Band. The Guest speaker was the founder of the product 'Pesto Princess', who spoke passionately about the history, production and processes of the healthy pastes.  The company also donated a Pesto Princess jar to each mother-and-daughter pair. Vouchers were available for the daughters to treat their mum to a relaxing hand-exfoliation and massage during the course of the morning - a source of great pleasure to all.  There were a number of raffle prizes to be won. The prizes included Woolworths biscuits, car washes, hair-treatments, hampers, key-rings, aprons and Roxy surf vouchers.

It was an incredibly well-organized occasion.  A huge thank you to all who made this morning possible.


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