The MSA had a wonderful evening of celebration. Read the report below from the learner head of the MSA for more details about the evening.

On Wednesday, 21 April 2021, which was the 9th of Ramadaan 1442 AH on the Islamic calendar, the Muslim Students’ Association were given the opportunity to once again hold our annual iftaar program. Ramadaan, which is the ninth month on the Muslim lunar calendar, is a month of extreme significance to Muslims all around the world. It is a time of heightened devotion, spiritual reflection and self-improvement.

During this month Muslims observe a fast where we abstain from food and water from sunrise to sunset as well as staying conscious to avoid immoral behaviour and anger. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam and it is stated in the Holy Quran that every Muslim who is of good health and maturity is required to fast for the prescribed duration. Fasting is also seen as a healthy way to practice patience and break bad habits and not to forget, fasting has a number of physical health benefits as well. Ramadaan is also a month spent to intensify one’s relationship with God, better one’s mental health, and become more compassionate to those in need.

Every Ramadaan, the MSA reaches out to different organizations and orphanages in our communities, which are in need of different necessities. This year we are proud to have already completed our clothing and toiletries drive for the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children, and now we are in the process of helping three different orphanages based in Delft, Salt River and Bonteheuwel, and two foster homes in Hanover Park and Kenwyn. Groups of 2 – 3 learners within the MSA have taken the shared responsibility of getting clothing necessities for one child, which we will then gift to them just before the end of Ramadaan, in time for our Eid-ul-fitr celebrations. We have also been collecting food necessities for these places, which we will be distributing during the April Holidays.

We usually invite the various organizations and orphanages, which we are assisting, to join us for our annual iftaar; however, due to COVID we were unfortunately unable to do so this year and our event was limited to only the learners within the MSA. We also reduced the number of people in attendance and ensured that we followed the COVID protocols strictly.

Our guest speaker, Muslimah Ismail, a graduate of the Medina Institute of South Africa, gave a moving speech about acceptance of one’s self and one’s surroundings, inclusivity and trust in God’s plans. We were honoured to have her as our guest. Thereafter, we broke our fast as we listened to the call to prayer and prayed in unison before enjoying our meal. The night had the perfect ambience for our holy month and there was no lack of enjoyment from our learners, teachers and guest. This night was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience for the MSA and we are beyond grateful to have been granted the opportunity to come together again after a long time, to celebrate our beautiful religion!

Written by: Rabiah Gaibie (Learner Head of the MSA)