MSA held a successful prayer meeting and lunch to strengthen their bonds

On Friday 19 March, the Muslim Students Association held a prayer meet for Jumuah and had lunch after school. The girls attended in the religious wear and prayed our thuhr prayer together before sitting together for lunch; which was burgers from Izzy Burgers. All Covid-19 protocols were practiced, i.e. sanitizing, social distancing, wearing masks, and eating in silence and not facing each other.

Our girls enjoyed the interactive afternoon where they were able to socialize with friends. We held both our prayers and lunch in Lab 1 as we are waiting for our new and official prayer room in the school to be cleaned and organized. It was our first event of the year and it was great to see each other after a very long time. It was the first time both our Grade 8s and 9s were be able to experience the sisterhood and bond of the girls in our MSA.

Our numbers were unfortunately limited as we could only accommodate 30 learners, the number of learners in a normal class due to Covid-19 protocols, yet we were able to make the most of the occasion.

Report by: Rabiah Gaibie, Learner Head of MSA

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