In the first part of the the competition, we submitted our essays and competed in the Provincial rounds, in which we came second. The next step was to take part and make it through all the rounds of National Moot Court Trials.

4 schools consisting of two speakers each from all the 9 provinces in South Africa were chosen to take part in the National Moot Court Oral Rounds.

72 learners - including us - arrived in Pretoria on the 7th of October after which we went to Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr in Sandton City where we were hosted by their Pro Bono practice. At this law firm, we were provided with the opportunity to gain exposure to the profession and become familiar with the big law firm environment. On the 8th we took part in all four oral knockout rounds, from which we had to provide an oral presentation from both the Respondent and the Applicants view at the University of Pretoria in front of Lawyers and associates from various law firms in Johannesburg. 54 students were knocked out on this day.

8 schools made it through to the quarter finals. These 8 schools included us. The Quarter Finals and Semi Finals took place of the 9th of October at the University of Pretoria. We would be presenting these arguments in front of lawyers and advocates. These were knockout rounds in which a coin toss determined whether we would be arguing in favour of the Applicant or Respondent. Based on these decisions four schools were chosen to take part in the semi-finals later on that day. We were amongst those 4 schools. We unfortunately did not make it into the finals.

On the 10th we had a recreational day, where we were fortunate enough to receive a talk from Justice Cameron, visit the Apartheid Museum and enjoy the rest of our day at Gold Reef City Theme Park in Johannesburg.

On Sunday we were privileged enough to attend the Constructional Court in which the 2 finalists would be presenting their arguments in front of Constitutional Judges. Honourable Justice Matojane and van der Westuizen.

All in all being awarded the opportunity to take part in such a competition that taught us time management skills, what would it require of us if were to join the Law profession and most importantly our Human Rights set out in the Bill of Rights that are owed to us as South Africans- that we should respect.

Imaan Mothupi