Read what our Netball players had to say about their recent matches against St Cyprian's on 21 July. Well done to all our teams!


Wynberg Girls' High School vs St. Cyprian's was certainly a tough match. The game started quickly with St. Cyprian's scoring goals. The score was constantly tight, pushing our team to try as hard as we could. Our hard work certainly paid off and the game ended in high spirits with the final score of 6-7 in Wynberg's favour. Well done, Wynberg!


Our first match back from the long holiday was really a great way to begin the last half of the netball season. St Cyprian's is not a school to be underestimated. Both U15A teams put in their absolute best but, by the end of the first half, Wynberg was behind by five goals. Catching up to St Cyprian's seemed impossible but that didn't stop us from trying. With a complete change in positions, Wynberg started to have more control of the game. By the end of the game, the U15A team was able to achieve the impossible and catch up to St Cyprian's, but because of time they lost by one goal with a final score of 15-14. There were three "players of the match": Qaadirah Crous, Zenande Afrika and Zona Mzazi.


The under 16A match was a tight one, both teams were incredible. During the first half we played at our own pace which was good, but we started to speed up during the second half and made a few mistakes, however it was still an amazing match to start the term.


We were all super nervous as we weren't sure how St. Cyprian's would play. There was lots of tension between all the players. By the end of first half, the team definitely felt a lot more confident as the score was 13 - 3 to Wynberg. In the second half, the game was still in our favour, and the final score was 20 - 4 to WGHS.

U/16 C

The game started with a centre pass to St Cyprian's, giving them the upper hand. But despite that, and after our first goal, we gained the confidence and strength to keep playing. After St Cyprian's scored two goals we were a bit discouraged and made some mistakes but we still finished the first half strong. The half-time score was 3-8 to St Cyprian's. At half time our coach gave us the tips and motivation we needed. The final score was 13- 5 to WGHS.


With the girls coming back from the June vacation, spirits were high and emotions were mixed as we were not sure what to expect in the match.

From the 1st whistle, both WGHS and St Cyprian's gave the spectators a match to watch, with interceptions and 6 goals in the first couple of minutes. Everyone was in for a treat. At the end of the 1st quarter, WGHS was dominating.

Moving into the 2nd quarter, we made sure to hold on to our lead with the team playing as a unit, both attack players and defenders were unstoppable. With our junior teams cheering us on, we ended the game with a score of 35-17 to WGHS. We are extremely proud of each and every player that gave 100% and we hope to carry this positivity into the next fixture.


With a score of 22-7 in favour of Wynberg Girls' High School, the under 19B team defeated St. Cyprian's. We were anxious yet excited; the under 19B team managed to maintain solid defenses and focused attacks. Our shooters were able to score outstanding goals thanks to good teamwork across the court, and the defense's interception remained focused. Ongezwa Swartbooi earned the honour of being named the Best Player for the match because she consistently showed outstanding reflexes and defense. As new challenges present themselves, we are constantly growing as a team and are eager to learn.