Allison Eakin, our Senior Social Worker WGHS considers a gift of value ...

The most valuable gift
by: Allison Eakin Msocsc SWk, Senior Social Worker WGHS

I believe that the most valuable gift you can give yourself is the gift of time. Taking time to be more fully present and connected to ourselves.

In recent years we have seen the rapid increase in stress and anxiety amongst people today largely because of the intrusive nature of today’s society and the demands we place on ourselves to be busy. We are often constantly running from one thing to the next, often with a million things in our heads, creating stress on the body and chaos in the mind and yet we expect ourselves to cope at this unrealistic level on an ongoing basis.

Dr Brene Brown, Author of Daring Greatly writes about letting go of the status symbol of being exhausted and productivity as a measure of self-worth and rather how we need to focus on cultivating play and rest. Often we feel guilt or shame for taking 15 minutes to just stop and be, or
we tell ourselves the lie that we are too busy to stop. The reality is that the cost of not taking time for yourself will lead to burnout, which is often more costly than those 15 minutes every morning.

So give yourself permission and the gift of taking time just to be during these 3 weeks, and observe the difference that this makes to your mental health.

Gift Of Time