Alerting us to the fact that a project co-produced by Alumnae member Wisaal Abrahams is currently being screened at the 41st Durban International Film Festival was an article, Guarding the Burning World 2020, in the Daily Maverick.

Wisaal makes the important point in this article that something necessary and intentional must be done with how we tell our stories, with how this story of our burning world will be written. In the documentary, The Art of Fallism, she does just that.

The Art of Fallism is described in the article as “a South African/Norwegian documentary, that teases out the nuanced, yet deeply complex stories of those who struggle for a voice within the collective struggle for equality." We echo Wisaal's hope that as "we wake to this festering wound that has created barriers to our success and wellbeing, we may be encouraged by the truth that justice will be served."

Don't miss the opportunity to rent this documentary. The festival is taking place online (and free to watch) until 30 September 2020. You have a limited and rare opportunity.

Wisaal 2020