The Pillar Awards are made at the end of each term to acknowledge outstanding achievement within that pillar during the term. These prestigious trophies were especially commissioned by Wynberg for each pillar: named after Greek Gods associated with the discipline, each trophy has a silver figurine mounted on a piece of Chapman’s Peak.

Nominations for these awards are invited from the entire school – staff and pupils alike. These nominations and formal motivations are then given to the heads of each of the four pillars. After assessing the nomination and motivation of all candidates, the heads of the four pillars bring their proposed candidates to a formal meeting with the other heads of the pillar and a final decision is reached.

We congratulate the following girls who were awarded the trophy for their achievements in Term 2.

For outstanding achievement in the Academic Pillar – Jade Irvine-Smith
For outstanding achievement in the Cultural Pillar – Micaela Arries
For outstanding achievement in the Service Pillar – Sarah Lee
For outstanding achievement in the Sports Pillar – Sarah-Jane Deary

Term 2 2018 Pillar Trophies