On 19 January, in the first Academic Assembly of 2011,  the Pillar trophies for Term 4 2010 were awarded. These awards are given to those who are recognised by the school - their teachers and their peers - to be deserving candidates because of outstanding achievement in the areas of Academic, Culture, Service and Sport at the beginning (or end) of each term.  They are high achievers, and are richly deserving of the recognition they receive. The recipients were

  • Christine Forbes - for her achievements in the Academic Pillar
  • Meghan Daniels - for her achievements in the Cultural Pillar
  • Kristin van Niewenhuys - for her achievements in the Service Pillar
  • Olivia Adams - for her achievements in the Sports Pillar.

Congratulations to all of these girls.

 From left to right: Olivia, Christine, Meghan and Kristin

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